6000+meter peaks


Tourist Attraction Points

Khosar Gang Adventure provides a diverse range of 6000-plus meter peak climbing experiences from non-technical ascents to challenging technical routes. Climbers and trekkers can explore 6000 + meter peaks with us, each with its unique characteristics, landscapes, and cultural significance. We have experienced mountainers and tour guides depending on your experience and preferences, there are opportunities for both none experienced and experienced climbers in this altitude range. Climbing 6,000+ meter peaks is a remarkable and life-changing experience that demands dedication, perseverance, and respect for the mountain environment.

Khosar Gang 6,090 meters (20,009 ft)

Khosar Gang is a mountain peak located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakista..

Mitre Peak 6,010 meters (19,715 feet)

Mitre Peak is a rocky peak with some ice located in close proximity to Concordia..

Laila peak (6096) Hushe (20,013 feet)

Laila Peak is a mountain peak located in the Hushe Valley of the Karakoram mount..

Mango Gusor Peak 6,288 meters (20,629 feet)

Mango Gusor Peak is indeed a mountain peak located in the Masherbrum Mountains o..

Humbroq Peak 6,459 meters (21,190 feet)

Honbrok Peak also called Cigarette Peak, also spelled Hombroq Peak, is indeed a ..

Paiju Peak 6,610 meters (21,686 feet)

In Pakistan's Gilgit-Baltistan, the Karakoram range possesses Paiju Peak. The pe..