Rock Climbing


Tourist Attraction Points

Khosar Gang Adventure provides Rock Climbing Tour packages for a thrilling and physically demanding adventure for those who seek to conquer the vertical world. We offer the best opportunity to challenge oneself, experience the beauty of nature, and build confidence and physical strength. Safety is the first priority, so we have a reliable tour operator with knowledgeable guides who put climbers' safety and skill development first. We are designed for individuals or groups who want to explore and challenge themselves on natural rock formations or artificial climbing walls.

Shipton Spire 5,881 meters (19,295 feet)

Shipton Spire is also known as Spantik Peak. It is located in the Spantik-Sosbun..

Uli Biaho

Uli Biaho is a mountain peak located in the Karakoram range of Pakistan. It is w..

Trango Towers

The Trango Towers are a group of recognizable rocky towers situated in Pakistan'..

Charakusa Valley

The picturesque Charakusa Valley may be found in Pakistan's Karakoram mountain r..

Amin Brakk 5800m

Amin Brakk is a peak located in the Karakoram mountain range of Pakistan. It sta..

Latok Expedition

A collection of peaks in Pakistan's Karakoram mountain range is known as the Lat..