Tourist Attraction Points

Trekking with Khosar Gang Adventure offers a deep connection to nature, a chance to push oneself physically, and an opportunity to take in the richness and beauty of the natural world. It's important to select a trip that suits your degree of fitness, ability, and interests. You should also be well-prepared with the appropriate equipment and familiarity with the trekking path. We have a responsible and knowledgeable trekking guide who can enhance the overall experience while ensuring safety and environmental conservation.

Masherbrum Basecamp

Masherbrum Basecamp is situated in Pakistan's Karakoram mountain range of pakist..

K7 Basecamp Trek

K7 Basecamp Trek is a renowned trekking route in the Karakoram mountain range of..

Laila Basecamp & Harmosh L

The two popular points of interest in Pakistan's Karakoram mountain range includ..

K2 Base camp Gondogoro La

K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La are two popular trekking destinations in the Karak..