Baintha Brakk 7,285 meters (23,901 ft)


Baintha Brakk, also known as The Ogre, is a mountain peak located in the Panmah Muztagh subrange of the Karakoram range, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The peak has an elevation of 7,285 meters (23,901 ft) and is known for its challenging and technical climbing routes. The first ascent of Baintha Brakk was made in 1977 by a British expedition led by Doug Scott. The team consisted of six climbers, including Chris Bonington, Nick Estcourt, and Clive Rowland. The climb of Baintha Brakk was considered a great achievement in mountaineering history because it was one of the first successful climbs of a peak above 7,200 meters (23,620 ft) in the Karakoram range. Since the first climb, most people attempts have been made to climb Baintha Brakk, but only a few have been successful. The Baintha Brakk climbing route to the peak is extremely challenging, and climbers need to have a high level of technical skill and experience to attempt it. The climbing route includes steep ice and rock climbing, with technical sections that require careful navigation and a high level of physical fitness. The Baintha Brakk is also a famous peak for trekking and hiking, and there are different trekking routes that lead to the base camp of the Baintha Brakk mountain. The trek to Baintha Brakk base camp offers outstanding views of the mountain and its surrounding glaciers and is a popular choice for adventure excited.


Arrival at airport and then transfer to hotel. Overnight stay in hotel at Islamabad.
Early morning flight to Skardu (flights are subject to weather), if unable to fly we will depart for Skardu by road with overnight stay at Chilas. Overnight stay in hotel at Skardu.
In case of flight has operated we will go for sightseeing tour of Skardu and in case no flight, the day will be used for over land travel from Chilas to Skardu (total drive is 22 – 24 hrs from Islamabad to Skardu). Overnight stay in hotel at Skardu.
The day is to finalize the expedition arrangements. Overnight stay in hotel at Skardu.
The participants of Baintha Brakk expedition will begin the jeep safari towards Daso, the passage will go through the Shigar valley. The journey will be followed on the sides of Braldu river which extends to Askole. Askole will be the last village on our route; the members of the expedition will start walking after leaving jeeps behind. However at times the participants may begin their walk before arrival in Askole but it depends on the road conditions. Overall it will take you between six hours to eight hours in covering the distance.
After completion of necessary supplies list and equipment the porters will load up for the trek ahead to Jhola. The valley is gateway to Biafo glacier that flow over fifty kms from Hispar La to Braldu. The participants will experience the moraine walking as the snout of the glacier is crossed and they will descend to lunch spot beside the Korofon river. The route will take us the confluence of rivers of Braldu and Domordo. The trail will lead us to go upstream where the participants of Baintha Brakk expedition will cross the river by bridge. On the other side of the bridge the participants will ascend towards domordo river until we reach Namla Camp, on the descend to the edge of Braldu river, Jhola cam lies.
The participants of Baintha Brakk expedition will start the trek towards mango campsite. They will be trekking along dumurdo river in opposite direction of the flow. The participants will have the lunch midway and will camp at Mango.
The participants of bainth brakk expedition will arrive to the base camp on this and will set up base camp that is suitable for the group along with the consent of our guide. Once, the participants reaches the camp, dinner will be served and night stay in tents. The base camp of Latok Peaks and Biantha Brakk are not far from each other.
On this day the participants will acclimatize while sorting out their equipment's. While, the team of Apricot Tours will set up the base camp and the porter's will trek back as well.
The participants will have 16 days to climb the peak.
The team along with the staff of Apricot Tours will leave base camp of Baintha Brakk and trek back down. They will trek back down by dumurdo rive to namla. The duration of the trek will be 8-9 hrs as on the next day the participants will be trekking back to Askoli valley Valley.
On this day the participants of the Baintha Brakk expedition will be back to Askole village after walking up the side of the river to the bridge.The participants will give get to meet climbers and trekkers at Askoli campsite as well.
The participants will drive back to the hotel in Skardu along with the team of Apricot Tours. Making tea stop at Dasso, and lunch stop in Shigar Baazar.
On this day the participants will take a flight from the airport in Skardu to Islamabad airport. You will have a good time to relax at the hotel in Islamabad. The domestic flights sometime get cancelled due to weather conditions. In case of flight cancellation, you will drive to Raikot or Chilas for overnight. It takes 10 hours by a vehicle.
This day is allocated for any potential delays in case the domestic flight does not operate the previous day. Our guests will depart early morning from Chilas to Islamabad which can take up to ten hours. However it will be a free day in case the participants make it to Islamabad on the domestic flight. This time can be utilized for sightseeing in Islamabad.
Our staff will transfer all the members of Baintha Brakk Expedition to the airport on their respective departure timings. The checkout time of all our partner hotels is 12 pm.


Lodging at base camp (single supplement)
Full base camp with dinning tent, bathroom, showers & solar charge
All internal/domestic transport
All domestic flights
50kgs (110 lbs) personal baggage
All meals during trek and at base camp (B,L,D)
Group emergency equipment/satellite phone service with fixed calling charge
Two nights stay in Islamabad hotel on arrival and two on return (bed & breakfast only)
Staff insurance (guide, cook, kitchen staff, assistant(s) & porters etc)
Experienced cook from Pakistan
Kitchen staff
Porters for all expedition supplies
Solar power at base camp
Electricity generator (backup for high voltage devices)
International airfare
Permit/royalty fee according to number of persons
Personal climbing equipment, clothing & sleeping equipment
Group climbing gear (rope, ice crew, snow bar, EPI gas, cooking pots and others)
Mountain climbing rescue and evacuation insurance policy - mandatory
Lodging and meals above base camp
Any service above base camp
Communication radio (walkie talkie)
Weather reports
Personal equipment cargo to/from Islamabad
Pakistan visa fee
Tips/gratuities to staff, cook, assistant(s) of US$ 250 per person in total
Meals in Islamabad
Extra hotel nights after the climb
Trip cancellation insurance
All expenses incurred in the event of early wind-up/summit (extra hotel nights, meals at hotels, evacuation)
Charges incurred due to delays beyond the control of Apricot Tours (Force majeure)
Personal communication (phone, fax, e-mail) between Pakistan and home country.

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