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A high-altitude plain known for its amazing natural beauty and wide variety of animals is Deosai National Park. Gilgit-Baltistan is a region of Pakistan where Deosai National Park is situated. With the Deosai National Park trip, tourists may discover this special place and enjoy its natural splendor. Typically, a tour of the Deosai National Park includes a stop at the park, where visitors can take in the stunning natural environment, including the huge grasslands, alpine lakes, and snow-capped summits. In Deosai National Park, a few of the well-liked tourism attractions are as follows: A stunning alpine lake in the Deosai Plains, Sheosar Lake is ringed by snow-capped mountains. Bara Pani is a picturesque lake in the park with incredible views of the surroundings. At a height of 4,114 meters, the Deosai Plains are a huge area of grasslands that are popular for its gorgeous blooms and variety of wildlife. Nanga Parbat Viewpoint is an observatory that overlooks the Nanga Parbat mountain range and is situated on the park's outside border. The Deosai National Park tour is organized by authorized and skilled tour operators in Pakistan who offer travel, lodging, and guided tours to ensure that visitors have a fun and safe time. Activities like camping, hiking, and discovering the area's beautiful scenery may also be part of the excursion. Every component of the Deosai National Park tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the Deosai plateau's amazing natural beauty and the warm friendliness of the locals.


On this day, our guests leave Islamabad and drive to Naran/Kaghan via Abbottabad, Mansehra, Balakot for night stay. It is an enjoyable drive passing through these beautiful valleys.
The second day is a long drive to Skardu. Guests pass through more beautiful valleys en route Skardu. Participants enjoy driving parallel Lulusar lake, our next stop. Lulusar is not far from Babusar Pass. We continue our drive to the pass where we take a short rest. One can indulge in photography and witness the surreal beauty on one of the highest passes (Babusar Pass) in the world. The sightseeing after crossing Babusar pass into Diamer district is amazing. After a couple hours, one reaches the Karakoram Highway. The highway leads us to Alam bridge. The bridge marks the starting point of Skardu road. Skardu road runs along Indus river starting at Alam bridge. Night stay in Skardu
Deosai National Park Tour begins on the third day. Guests are driven towards Deosai Plains via Sadpara lake and village. First night camping at Bara Pani, Deosai.
This day is reserved for all the fun including fishing, camping, BBQ, hiking, photography of sunrise and sunsets. Second night camping at Bara Pani, Deosai.
Guests are driven back to Skardu town for lunch. There are many options of sightseeing after lunch including Shangrila Resort, Kharpocho Fort, Shigar desert etc. Night stay in Skardu.
Drive back to Naran and rest.
Drop in Islamabad.


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